Unique Technology

Our goal is to create energy that has zero emissions, from a reaction using water and electricity.

The Prometheus Reactor stems from the Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) field of research and from the decades of experience in the field by its scientists.  

The primary objective of Prometheus s.r.l. is to study and develop our unique and revolutionary clean energy technology up to TRL 6/7 and then select the best-in-class industrial partners to accelerate R&D and to transform our technology into products. 

The UM Series of Prometheus Reactors

The Prometheus innovation has the potential to transform energy generation worldwide. It uses multiple scientific breakthroughs to generate energy by changing the state of air and water.

This change of state releases energy, in the form of a powerful wave of pressure, leaving behind the water and flammable gases. 

A unique energy production technology

There are several features of the UM Prometheus Reactor that make it a revolution in energy generation: 

The main inputs are the two most abundant natural resources on earth: air and water.
Since no carbon goes into the reactor, there is zero carbon in the energy produced.
No toxic materials are used, or created, by the reaction.
No radiation is created by the reaction process.
The mechanics are modular, which will enable energy production to be scaled up simply by adding more reactors.
As R&D continues, we believe that in the future the reactor will produce profitable energy for work.

We are currently focused on clean energy production by exploiting mechanical work, but we believe that UM Prometheus Reactors will have a wider range of applications, including: 

Energy generation for transport through adapted piston engines.
Energy generation for electricity through adapted steam based technologies.
Green hydrogen production.

Our unique technological capabilities, positions us at the forefront of innovation in multiple high-growth verticals that are instrumental to reach the carbon reduction and sustainability goals desired by major global economies.


LENR has the potential to completely shift the paradigm of energy production, by relying on water and electricity as inputs without the need of additional combustibles or radioactive elements. We are leveraging our LENR competencies by designing a device that exploits the high peaks of pressure registered during testing, to deliver energy to turbines for conversion into electricity for private and industrial use. 

High Performance Engines

All major global economies are seeking alternatives to fossil fuel powered motors, to meet their carbon emission reduction and sustainability goals in the transport sector. Our technology can be employed in modified piston engines, able to power vehicles without emitting dangerous greenhouse gasses and other pollutants. 


An alternative solution to curb pollution is relying on hydrogen for electricity production. Various methods are being assessed for hydrogen powered vehicles, ships and airplanes. Our UM Prometheus Reactor technology generates green hydrogen as a byproduct to the LENR, which in turn can be used to generate more electricity and mechanical work. 

Meet the people behind Prometheus Reactor.