A new energy source for the world.

Our revolutionary breakthrough creates abundant zero carbon energy.

How do we do it?

We believe that in the long-term there will be clean, zero carbon replacements across the entire energy mix for coal, oil and gas.

We believe that this clean energy mix should be able to power all facets of life and society, such as electricity generation, automotive, shipping, agriculture and more.

We believe that we can and will make this possible through the continued research and development into the Prometheus Reactor suite of technologies.

Let’s change the world together.

We are pioneering the way for a water based reactor that can generate substantial amounts of work with zero carbon emissions.

Being water based, we expect that it will enable mobile power generation for cars, trains and ships.

With headquarters in Milan and laboratories at Kilometro Rosso Innovation District in Bergamo, the Prometheus team includes leading scientists and engineers with a wide range of backgrounds. 

The team is united in a desire to bring our technology to the world as quickly as possible. We believe that it will usher in a new era of clean, reliable, portable and distributable energy for Europe and the world. 

To make our dream come true, we will add tailored licensing and joint venture strategies onto our research and development.

Meet the people behind Prometheus Reactor